DIGITAL SIGNAGE Sound Environments offers one stop shopping for all of your Digital Signage Systems. Offering Sales, Installation, Training, and Service. Design services and monthly updates are also offered. Visit our Dynamic Display Ads site.
Why should you spend $300 or more to have your new HDTV calibrated to ISF Video Standards? Visit our ISF Video Calibration site to discover what you are missing.
Vist our Home Theater Decor site. Offering theater seating, posters, furiture, and accessories to complete your theater experience.
LiteTouch offers a complete array of Lighting Control Solutions for any size project. At the heart of every LiteTouch system is an individual home or business owner with distinct needs. LiteTouch, from assembly to custom engraved buttons, caters to the unique technical and aesthetic needs of each client. Even the slightest details are possible with LiteTouch, such as matching wallpaper or décor to our keypads. LiteTouch is your one-stop shop for lighting control solutions, with multiple controller options, complete home integration, and revolutionary developments in single room controllers
Simple, elegant and powerful. The Kaleidescape system lets you enjoy music in new and exciting ways. It automatically stores and organizes your DVD and CD collections. Its engaging user interface makes it easy to find what you want and enjoy it anywhere in your home.
AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the way people interact with technology. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. Our award-winning products span control and automation, switching, distributed audio and video, and technology management.
Screen Research is a leading provider of state-of-the-art video projection screens designed for custom home theater, commercial, and professional cinema applications. Setting new standards for the industry, Screen Research’s advanced solutions include the patented ClearPix2 acoustically transparent surface, which enables speakers to be positioned directly behind the screen for the ultimate cinema experience. ClearPix2 screens are THX and ISF certified, and are the ideal complement for today’s high definition projectors.
Polk Audio is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high performance audio products and the largest audio brand of Directed Electronics, Inc. Founded in 1972 by three Johns Hopkins University graduates, Polk Audio holds over 55 patents for advances in audio design and technology.
The brand that delivers excellence in driver, cabinet, electronic and acoustic design is Monitor Audio. Since 1972, Monitor Audio’s near fanatical commitment to quality in every aspect of loudspeaker design coupled with its willingness to innovate has inspired global recognition and acclaim. Daring to challenge design orthodoxy has been its signature approach.
CineTouch redefines personal entertainment management - tailored individually to the needs, desires, capabilities, and permissions of each user in the home. It’s so easy to use, kids, grandparents, and guests all love it at first touch. So powerful, you get the most out of every component in your system. So integrated, you forget about operating equipment – you’re just selecting content. And so attractive, CineTouch begs to used and shown off.
Panamorph is the world's leading manufacturer of anamorphic add-on lenses to enhance digital projectors for higher performance imaging of wide screen content. Experience the immersive feel of the True Widescreen format and watch the best movies at their very best. Higher brightness. Higher resolution. No black bars.
Since 1985 Home Automation Inc. (HAI) has been the leading manufacturer of home control products providing comfort, convenience and safety for homeowners and businesses around the world. We have engineered our products to be easy to use, which is why they are Automation Simplified.
Sonance creates innovative products like high-performance loudspeakers that fit into shared walls and shallow ceilings. A history of innovation that architects, custom installers and design-sensitive audiophiles all recognize as truly breakthrough. We believe in the power of architecture to shape the way we live and like you, expect elegant solutions to complex problems.
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